A traveling medical technician with hepatitis C virus (HCV) who infected dozens of people with the virus has made a plea bargain with prosecutors, The Associated Press reports. David Kwiatkowski pled guilty to 14 federal drug theft and tampering charges. In exchange, he faces 30 to 40 years in prison instead of nearly 100 years if convicted at trial. The former lab tech stole painkiller syringes and injected himself with them, which tainted them with hep C. He then filled them with saline and put them back for medical use. In 2012, he was arrested for infecting 32 patients with hep C. In the plea agreement, Kwiatkowski reveals he knew he had hep C in 2010 but continued to swap syringes. He admits he had been stealing drugs from various hospitals in several states since 2002. His most recent job was at Exeter County Hospital in New Hampshire.

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