In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health has launched the “I Do My Part” (“Yo pongo de mi parte” in Spanish) social media campaign. The goal is to support people during stay-at-home orders, which are now widespread across the United States to fight the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

“What we each do during this crisis makes a difference. We need to give individuals and families tools to help them through these coming weeks,” said Jane L. Delgado, PhD, in a statement. She is president and CEO of the alliance, which is a health advocacy group.

Bilingual infographics in English and Spanish can be downloaded for free and used with all communities. The alliance and its community-based organization members, which serve 15 million people annually, promoted the infographics on social media. They encourage others to also share them.

There are 60 infographics in total, 30 in each language. They include basic public health messages, such as washing hands, staying home, avoiding touch your face, wearing a face mask and physical distancing. In addition, they also include messages about physical and mental health, such as eating well and getting exercise, as well as managing stress and anxiety.

“We can each do our part and that is the message of each of these infographics. It is extremely important that if you are feeling overwhelmed that you take small steps to get through each day. If we each do our part, together we will make it through this,” said Delgado.

Visit to download the infographics and other COVID-19 information in English. Go to for campaign materials in Spanish. Visit both websites to also search for community health centers in your area.

The alliance promotes science-based information to achieve the best health for all. It seeks to create strong healthy communities whose contributions are recognized by a society that fosters the health, well-being and prosperity of all its members.

To achieve its vision, the alliance seeks to close the gaps in three key areas: research, services, and policy; scientific discovery and benefit for the individual; and community services and medical practice.

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