In support of Glaucoma Awareness Month, which is marked every year in January, the National Eye Institute (NEI) is reaching out to the Latino community to help raise awareness for the degenerative eye disease. According to NEI, Latinos are at a higher risk for developing glaucoma than any other ethnic group in the United States. Glaucoma is a group of diseases that work together to damage the optic nerve, which can lead to vision loss or blindness if left untreated. Researchers estimate at least half of all people with glaucoma are unaware they have the disease. NEI suggests that Latinos, especially Mexican Americans and Latinos 60 and older, get a comprehensive dilated eye exam every one to two years at their local optometrist to screen for early signs of glaucoma. Low cost exams may be available through Medicare by searching here or by calling 1-800-MEDICARE.

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