More than ever, Latinos need health information. For conditions like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, HIV and obesity, our rates are significantly higher than those of the general U.S. population. Yet Latinos have the lowest rates of health coverage in the U.S., and language differences between patient and caregiver can make care and diagnosis difficult (at best), if not deadly.

Tu Salud was created to help bridge the gap, and we are honored to feature role models like Adamari López, a breast cancer survivor with the mission of informing Latinas about the importance of getting screened.

Celebrities have the power to move masses. But the masses (meaning you and I) also need easy, inexpensive ideas for staying healthy. In every issue, Tu Salud will tell you what you need to know about nutrition, exercise, parenting and the many health issues that affect our community. We know that not all readers have health insurance or can afford to pay for a gym membership. But even with limited time and resources, a healthier life is within reach.

Enjoy our first issue, and let us know what you think.