Chile’s health minister Álvaro Erazo announced November 13 that the country’s public health system failed to inform at least 512 people that they had tested HIV positive, while the private sector did not inform an additional 1,364 that they were positive, The New York Times reports. Erazo told lawmakers that in about half of cases, there was no evidence that anyone made any effort to reach the patients.

“There is no justification for that,” Erazo told members of Chile’s Congress.

According to the article, this revelation comes just weeks after Erazo’s predecessor, María Soledad Barría, was forced to resign after a hospital in the northern city of Iquique failed to notify dozens of patients that they were HIV positive. Two people in the hospital later died of AIDS-related complications.

The Central Metropolitan Health Service in Santiago, Chile’s capital, announced that it will investigate why 107 patients weren’t notified and said it expects to have results in two weeks.