As the temperature plummets, coats, scarves and gloves help you bundleup. But how do you protect your hair? As winter sets in, your locks cansplinter, break off, totally dry up and lose their shine. Here, AOL’s Black Voices offers some tips to keep wintry weather from destroying your hair’s health.

Winter-proof tresses.Don’t let minor hair problems cause major damage. Instead, ring in theseason with a fresh haircut to avoid split ends before they can start.And since chemical processes, such as relaxing or coloring, can dry outhair, schedule them before the season starts to give your tresses timeto recuperate.

Moisturize hair and scalp.Smooth on a light styling cream to keep ends from drying or frizzing.Then, every few weeks, enjoy a hot oil treatment. Coat hair from rootto tip with a natural oil (jojoba works great) then wrap up tresses.Shampoo the next morning.

Cleanse hair once each week.Product buildup is unsightly, especially when you’re not washing yourhair every day. Choose a natural cleansing shampoo free of sodiumlauryl sulfate (a chemical that strips hair of natural oils and driesout the scalp).

Wrap hair in silk.Knitted hats may be cozy and warm, but they can also damage your hair. Silk-lined hats protect your strands. If you’re feeling crafty, givenew life to an old silk scarf by turning it into a hat.

Tie up tresses.Ladies with long locks can gather hair into a loose bun every few weeksto give their hair a break. This style also helps shield hair from theelements while giving you a new look.

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