Do your tightly coiled curls have you tightly wound? Highly textured hair can be hard to manage and even harder to style because of out-of-control frizzing and dullness. But with just a few quick tips from celeb stylist Ted Gibson of AOL’s StyleList, you can tame those curls and gain control of your textured tresses.

Shampoo less. You don’t have to wash your hair daily. Women with textured hair don’t have oily-hair concerns, Gibson says. “Sometimes natural oils are better for this type of hair, and shampooing once a week helps with that.”

Conditioning is a must. Each time you wet your hair, apply a little bit of conditioner, Gibson suggests. “This will moisturize and give [hair] the conditioning that it needs.” Amp up the routine by treating yourself to a deep condition treatment every few days to hydrate, strengthen and make hair more manageable.

Be a cutup. “Highly textured hair tends to get frayed on the ends more easily,” says Gibson, so don’t go months without getting a haircut. Get a trim every four to six weeks, and don’t be afraid to mix it up, Gibson advises. “You want there to be different variants and lengths so that you have a lot of fullness and sexiness.”

Choose what you use carefully. There are plenty of hair products out there. Be smart. Pick up products that moisturize more and dry less. Opt for lightweight styling creams, shine serums, leave-in conditioners and styling gels. (These should leave hair feeling soft not stiff.)

Dry before styling. Patience is a virtue. Wait for products to dry before styling hair with an iron or hot curlers.

Follow these tips and you and your bouncing curls will be turning heads in no time.

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