The Obama administration has launched a Spanish-language web site to educate Latinos on the Affordable Care Act and connect them with personalized health insurance options.  

The site,, is part of the administration’s initiative to break down barriers keeping Latinos from health care and spread the word on the benefits of the health care reform act as the law nears its six-month anniversary September 23.

Currently, one in three Latinos doesn’t have health insurance and almost one in four low-income Latino youths has gone a year without a health care visit, almost three times the rate of high-income white youths. The new site hopes to close these gaps and inform Latinos of their options.

“For too long, our health care system has failed too many Americans, with Latinos among the most affected,” wrote President Obama in an op-ed published in El Diario la Prensa. “But the passage of the new health care law…marks a crucial turning point for health care in the Latino community by targeting the very issues that are preventing them from achieving better health and extending care to millions of Americans.”

The Spanish-language web site explains the basics of the Affordable Care Act and links consumers to health insurance options. After answering a few simple questions, web site visitors will be able to see a full listing of personalized public and private health insurance plans, including prices, benefits and out-of-pocket costs.

“The fact is, finding the right health insurance is one of the most important decisions we make, but all too often it is a frustrating and difficult process,” Obama said. “This web site will change that.”

The web site also explains the initiatives of health care reform. This includes: covering people who have been denied health insurance because of a preexisting condition, helping employers offer health benefits to retirees, expanding Medicaid, eliminating lifetime limits on the amount of care you can receive and making it illegal to deny children health insurance because of preexisting conditions.

To read Obama’s complete editorial in El Diario la Prensa, click here.

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