The simple act of brushing goes a long way to keep your hair healthy,shiny and beautiful. But not all brush strokes are equal. Doneimproperly, this grooming ritual can do much damage to delicate textured hair. Below, AOL’s Black Voices offers some brushing and combing tips to keep black tresses healthy.


Alwaysstart combing from the bottom of the hair and then work your way up tothe roots. This strategy helps you attack tangles one at a time andminimizes hair breakage.

Use a wide-tooth comb and add a lightproduct, such as leave-in conditioner or serum, to help the comb glidemore easily through your hair. (Remember: Less snags mean less splitends.)

Separate hair into sections and comb each section. Thismakes the task seem more manageable. Plus doing it this way allows hairto rest and recuperate between combings.

“Pick” through hair instead of using the brush as a comb. Your hair will love this gentler and healthier approach.


Brush wet hair because that’s when it’s most fragile.

Tuga comb through tangled hair. Instead, wet and work conditioner intotresses first, then comb. (If you have extra tangles, be patient.)

Beafraid to use different combs to detangle wet hair. For example, startwith a wide-tooth comb then switch to a rattail comb to accomplish yourdetangling mission.

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